Laminate Flooring

Visual look of hardwood in a stable platform

Long planks, short planks and wide planks. Floors for Kitchens and Bathrooms as well as for your living room. Floors for restaurants, hotels, shops. Durable floors from the most modern to the timeless designs.

You can trust Kraus to provide you with stylish and classic flooring solutions that will meet all of your needs, priced fairly and brought to you with exceptional customer service. At Kraus, we care about your floor.

Engineered Hardwood gives the same visual and attributes as solid, but in a more dimensionally stable platform that can be install on any floor in the home.

We’re honored to partner with our retailers to help you find the floor that fits your home and your lifestyle. And that partnership goes both ways, as we’re consistently voted the number one manufacturer in terms of quality, service and design.